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The Royal Rosarians Serve the City of Portland

(Photo Courtesy of Sir Knight Brent Barnett - August 18, 2012)


In distinctive white suits and straw hats, the Royal Rosarians serve by Mayoral Declaration as the "Official Greeters and Ambassadors of Goodwill for the City of Portland".  Formed in 1912, the Royal Rosarians promote the best interests of the City of Portland and the Portland Rose Festival.  This photo was taken on the day the Royal Rosarian Statue was dedicated in the Washington Park International Rose Test Garden.


As Ambassadors of Goodwill and Official Greeters for the City of Portland, Royal Rosarians welcome visiting dignitaries from around the world and host hundreds of out-of-town visitors each year.  Known as men and women who represent the outstanding character of the citizens of Portland during the Portland Rose Festival, members march in parades here and throughout the world, promoting the Rose as the Queen of Flowers and Portland as the Rose Capital of the World.  The Royal Rosarians are a non-profit civic organization and all services rendered by its members are gratuitous.  The charitable arm of the Royal Rosarians is the Royal Rosarian Foundation. 

 Official Ambassadors of the City of Portland
Portland's Mayor Charlie Hales and First Lady Nancy present the City Declaration
to 2016-17 Royal Rosarian Prime Minister James Stahl and First Lady Geneane.
Ambassadors, Community Service and Tradition
By Mayoral Declaration, the Royal Rosarians serve as the Official Greeters and Ambassadors
of Goodwill for the City of Portland. Rosarians are dedicated to community service through the
charitable activities of the Royal Rosarian Foundation. We honor our legacy of tradition with
rich pageantry and ceremonies from the mythical Realm of Rosaria.

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