The Royal Rosarians Serve the City of Portland

(Photo Courtesy of Sir Knight Brent Barnett - August 18, 2012)

In distinctive white suits and straw hats, the Royal Rosarians serve by Mayoral Declaration as the "Official Greeters and Ambassadors of Goodwill for the City of Portland".  Formed in 1912, the Royal Rosarians promote the best interests of the City of Portland and the Portland Rose Festival.

As Ambassadors of Goodwill and Official Greeters for the City of Portland, Royal Rosarians welcome visiting dignitaries from around the world and host hundreds of out-of-town visitors each year.  Known as men and women who represent the outstanding character of the citizens of Portland during the Portland Rose Festival, members march in parades here and throughout the world, promoting the Rose as the Queen of Flowers and Portland as the Rose Capital of the World.  The Royal Rosarians are a non-profit civic organization and all services rendered by its members are gratuitous.  The charitable arm of the Royal Rosarians is the Royal Rosarian Foundation. 

The Royal Rosarians have a rich legacy of traditional Ceremonies and Pageantry that instills a deep appreciation for outstanding individuals and recognition of the rose as the living symbol of Portland.  The pageantry of the Knighting Ceremony and Rose Planting Ceremony honors worthy individuals in Portland and in locations around the world.  The Prime Minister's Royal Rosarian Ambassadorial trips create strong relationships and extend the invitation to visit the City of Roses.  The world-famous VIP Greeting Ceremony ensures visitors receive a warm welcome to Portland.  Working with the City of Portland, its Sister City organizations and Travel Portland, the Royal Rosarians are key participants in welcoming tourism and investment in Portland each year.

Members pictured in yellow capes are former Prime Ministers, now serving as Dukes and Duchesses of the Realm of Rosaria.  Members in purple capes serve on the Executive Council.  Those in Green capes are elected members of the Council and those in red capes are appointees of the Prime Minister.